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We offer just about any type of pheasant hunting you can imagine—upland or continental, half-day or full, guided or unguided, your dogs or ours, and more. Our season runs from mid-September through March each year.


Continental and Guided Upland Hunts

In a continental hunt, birds are released toward the hunting party, while in an upland shoot, hunters use field dogs to flush birds from cover.

180-Pheasant Continental Hunt


For up to 12 hunters.

300-Pheasant Continental Hunt


For up to 24 hunters.

360-Pheasant Continental Hunt


For up to 24 hunters.

Deluxe Upland Hunt


Includes 15 pheasants plus breakfast, lunch, dogs, bird cleaning and packaging, and an afternoon round of sporting clays for each participant.

Standard Upland Hunt


Includes 8 pheasants plus breakfast, lunch, dogs, and bird cleaning and packaging.


Self-Guided Hunts

Pheasant Sets

$149/7 Birds
$249/14 Birds


Available Services

  • Professional guides

  • Well-trained field dogs

  • Meals and hunting supplies


  • Kansas hunting license (available for purchase at our office) or a Kansas Preserve License

  • Hunter Safety Card for hunting license holders born after July 1, 1957

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