Sporting Clays
Clay target shooting is a fun and safe shotgun sport for the entire family.  Mechanical traps are used to throw clay disc targets in varying directions allowing a shooter with a shotgun the opportunity of a sporting challenge anytime of the year.


Prices Effective 4/1/2011


NSCA 5-Stand

Non-Member $11.50

Member $9.50


Sporting clays is among the most popular of the shooting disciplines and is internationally recognized as a competitive sporting event.  Sporting clays is also used as a form of wing shooting practice and is commonly referred to as "golf with a shotgun".

Each target simulates the flight of a different game species such as teal, dove, quail, pheasant and even a bouncing rabbit.  Just like golf, all sporting clays courses are different, always providing the shooter with a constant challenge.


Skeet and Trap                                        

Non-Member $6.50                                       

Member $6.00


The Sporting Clay courses at Claythorne are constructed in beautiful mined land areas, with mature trees and wide, rock covered walk-ways and cart paths.  Shooting Stations are designed for every imaginable combination of target presentation.  Individual fields vary greatly throughout the courses with targets thrown in trees, over water, and from hills and valleys.


Sporting Clays                                                                          

50 Targets        

Non-Member $24    

Member $21  


100 Targets On One Course                

Non-Member $46    

Member $42


50 Round, 50 Target, Shooting Card  

Member $950              

Non-Member n/a


All shooting stations are complete with identification numbers, drinking water, gun racks, trash cans, barrel rods, gun racks, scoring stations and rest benches.  Our goal in course design and layout is to provide our customers the ultimate shooting experience!


For more information concerning the Claythorne courses, NSCA tournaments and shoot results see the links below.  To make arrangements for an introductory visit, to find out more about the shooting sports, to sign-up for a tournament, or make a reservation to shoot; call or e-mail Sam or Frieda Lancaster.

Photo by Dana Farrell